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Easy ways to spruce up your bedroom

Looking for quick and easy tips to sprucing up your room? Get some fun ideas here.

Digital cameras in every style, brand and colour

Buy point-and-shoot or SLR digital cameras, film cameras, video cameras, camcorders, lenses, filters, cases, batteries, chargers, tripods and more.

Furnish your home in style

Get comfortable with stylish and affordable furniture for your living room, dining room and bedroom.  Catering for both modern and traditional tastes!

Welcome to 1970 – pardon, 2010 fashion

One of the great unresolved philosophical questions is about the nature of time: is it linear or circular? As far as fashion is concerned, the dilemma does not exist. In this sphere of human activities, we can assume with a high degree of certainty that what once was, will be again. In fashion, true innovators […]

Why use bidorbuy enhanced listing options

The more suspicious among you will say: aye, they are promoting them only because they make money out of them! True, enhanced listings are one of sources of income for bidorbuy. And true again, one of the reasons we want you, the bidorbuy seller, to make use of the enhanced listing options is because we want […]

First impressions

Just when you sent off the last of the Christmassy items you sold on bidorbuy and heaved a sigh of relief, it was time to start packing the Valentineâ€s Day merchandise. Since that is good for the business, you are, of course, not complaining. If the prevailing festive spirit has prompted you to adopt a […]

Introducing a new style of Advertising for 2008

bidorbuy has introduced a new style of advertising for 2008. The new addition available is a text based advertising system whereby sellers can create 3 line text ads to promote either a single item or all of their items listed on bidorbuy. Sellers can choose from a number of different locations to display each ad, […]