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Going mobile


We aim to explore the purpose of going mobile as well as delve into the reasons why having a mobile presence is so important for business growth.

Save your eyes

More and more people suffer from digital eye strain. Read on to find out how to reduce your risk.

A tablet to burn all others?

Amazon recently announced four new Kindles: three digital readers (a $79 entry level no-touch screen e-reader; a $99 touch screen version; and a $149 touch screen version with both touch screen and 3G), plus a $199 first-ever Amazon tablet, named Kindle Fire. While the two under-$100 Kindles are enough to put a smile on the […]

How to break in a new computer

So, you browsed the bidorbuy computers and networking category, carefully weighed your options, picked a machine, ordered it, and are now finally unwrapping your beautiful new piece of technology. You are probably impatient to take your new toy for a bit of web surfing. By all means, connect your machine to the internet – but […]

Enhancing the trade feeds

If you already have an e-commerce web site and want to bring your merchandise to a bigger internet audience, you know what to do. You will integrate your shopping cart with bidorbuy. This involves a little work on your side, but once the trade feed is set up the products will start flowing automatically from […]

What’s the buzz

If you have a Gmail account, you might have been presented with a screen offering you to opt into the newest Google application, Buzz. Before you say “yes”, read on. (Alas, this review comes too late for those who already took the plunge.) The idea behind Buzz is a noble one: to expand Gmail and […]

Internet jitters

Take a person who has never ever used bidorbuy (apparently, there really are people who fall into this category). Put her or him in front of a computer, point the browser to… and what do you get? A lot of useful feedback, which will be implemented on the site in due course. Everybody who […]

Sensible payment options

How to select a payment method you can trust When it comes to online shopping, no matter what the scare is, or how dubious the scandal, online transactions are here to stay and rightly so. In times where we have to find time to make time to have time, to spend more time, time is […]