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Tips for creating a good listing

Your main goal as a seller on bidorbuy is to make sales, so we are here to help you. Let’s ensure you have the best listings so you can attract customers and make some sales.

How to prevent customer complaints


Customer complaints are unavoidable in any kind of business, but there are ways for sellers or business owners to reduce complaints, or even prevent them completely. This blog post serves as a guide for those who wish to reduce their complaints by a substantial amount.

Tell your story: the About section


This blog post has been designed to provide advice for our store sellers. We want to help you by giving you some tips to improve your About section.

How to effectively work from home


Here are some tips you can use to ensure you are as efficient as possible while still enjoying the perks of working from your home environment.

Tips to increase sales for your ecommerce business

Do you have your own ecommerce business and feel you need to take action
to increase your sales? Then this is the blog post for you!

Easy ways to spruce up your bedroom

Looking for quick and easy tips to sprucing up your room? Get some fun ideas here.

How to buy clothing online

This is a quick guide to help you buy clothing online. With a few tips and tricks, the wide world of online fashion is yours to take. Tips & Tricks: 1. Size Measurements Have a look at our size guide. Online sellers should give clear details about the size of the item. Often, online, these sizes […]