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Affiliate via email signature

How to create your email signature with an image linked to your bidorbuy referral account (and start collecting affiliate credits) It is easy to join the bidorbuy Affiliate Programme, even if you do not have a web site or a blog. Simply log into your bidorbuy account, navigate to the Affiliate tab, click on the […]

Phishing attacks and you

“Attention! Your bidorbuy account has been stolen!” What would you do if you received an email like that? Having read the extensive information published in the bidorbuy blog (just do a search for phishing), you will not click on the link contained in the message. You will simply delete the message. Clicking on the link […]

Phishing attack posing as a warning

It is difficult to differentiate between various kinds of scum and say which one is worse than the other. Still, it is probably safe to say that the most dangerous internet scam is the one that poses as a solution. It comes in various forms. It can be a malicious code posing as anti-virus software […]

Scam-free holiday season

The festive season is the time of general goodwill and shopping sprees. It is also the time when internet criminals of all kinds increase their efforts to separate you from your personal details and your money. Though such scams occur all year round, scammers prey extra forcefully on people’s generosity and vulnerabilities at this time […]

Don’t get caught by phishing

It appears that some bidorbuy members have been receiving email messages pretending to be from bidorbuy, asking them to “click here” in order to confirm or update their bidorbuy account. The link directs the recipient to a fake (or spoof) site where he is prompted to provide his bidorbuy user name and password or login […]

New on bidorbuy

You have probably noticed the nifty new icons and buttons on your favourite site. But that is not the only novelty on We recently introduced new shipping functionality in order to integrate shipping fees into the ordering process. By now, all sellers should be using it, because it really does make their life easier. […]

You are so vain…

…and even if you are not, you may want to grab your Facebook vanity URL before someone else beats you to it. Facebook recently gave its users the opportunity to create a custom URL with their own name attached. This means that your Facebook URL may look like this: That, you must admit, has a […]

How to start a blog…

… in order to participate in the bidorbuy Best Guess Competition Many people who have never blogged would still like a chance to win the prize in the bidorbuy Best Guess Competition. They have sent their best guesses by email and have been duly disqualified, because the competition is open to bloggers only. The more […]