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You, bidorbuy and Web 2.0

As an online seller, you cannot afford to ignore the power of social networks, because promoting your business through Web 2.0 can bring more than traditional advertising. For many small businesses, social networking is a primary, and sometimes the only way to build awareness and visibility and generate leads. And, best of all, it is […]

Marketing matters

One bidorbuy seller recently discovered the power of advertising. Chance played a big part in the event. This is how it happened. The image of a product of his appeared in one of the bidorbuy Valentine’s Day promotional emailers. These emailers do not link to the randomly selected individual products. There is only the link […]

The internet comes of age: Defining Web 2.0

There is a new buzz words thats been wizzing around lately, ever heard of Web 2.0? Actually its quite an old term and people have been mouthing off about it for quite some time now, but I think only recently are people and more specifically South African web owners, begun to understand and identify the […]