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In search of the unusual

The term “unusual” is defined as: rarely occurring or appearing; not usual or ordinary; deviating from the customary; far beyond what is usual, normal, or customary. Despite the clarity of the above definition, it so happens that many items of mass production (some, admittedly, a little quirky) somehow always find their way into the bidorbuy […]

Do you Facebook?

Consider creating your own Facebook profile in order to join bidorbuy there. We do not know how many bidorbuyers are using Facebook. Judging by the number of fans on the bidorbuy Facebook page (just over 13,000 at the last count) – quite a few. If you already have a Facebook profile, it is time you […]

bidorbuy is 10

On this tenth anniversary of South Africa’s online auction site and marketplace,, let us take you down memory lane. bidorbuy was born on 14th August 1999. In the beginning, there was the dotcom boom and Andy Higgins (at present the company’s managing director) working away in London and launching a number of auction websites […]

The internet comes of age: Defining Web 2.0

There is a new buzz words thats been wizzing around lately, ever heard of Web 2.0? Actually its quite an old term and people have been mouthing off about it for quite some time now, but I think only recently are people and more specifically South African web owners, begun to understand and identify the […]